Power of Purpose


  • Experts have blind spots and ego attachments that prevent them from being able to do good marketing.
  • Experts feel they’ve earned the right to tell people what to do.
  • Experts feel other people should come find them and the world should beat a path to their door.
  • Experts tend to think marketing and sales are second class jobs due to the dynamic ethics / adaptive nature / circumstantial changeability of marketing and sales.


Marketers know nothing happens until another human being buys – until another human being out there makes the decision within themselves that ‘this is right for me’ and they take out their hard earned cash and they trade it for whatever it is you got. Nothing else matters without this. Them buying is the oxygen in your businesses body.

Marketers know most of the things they create and test won’t work. They don’t take it personally. Persistence to find the things that do work and roll them out and scale them is the difference maker

Being customer-centric is key….Learn more at this dynamic workshop.

Mark Moebius

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