Mark Moebius is CEO of BLKBOX Media and has owned a Technology Marketing Company since 1992.


  • "We help businesses manage technology, marketing and advertising to best meet their needs"
  • "The thing I love most about going to work is helping people find the perfect solution at an affordable price"
  • "The BLKBOX Beacon sends a notification to smartphones within a 270 foot radius"
  • "BLKBOX media is digital video advertising in high traffic venues like restaurants, YMCA's and retail locations"

We are experts in a wide array of Marketing, Advertising and Custom Software Solutions. If you need Advertising or Branding we offer digital billboard advertising at all The Greater St Louis YMCA Locations. Our CEO Mark Moebius has been a reliable source to thousands of businesses, big and small. Mr. Moebius offers excellent consulting before you launch out into the black hole of marketing. At BLKBOX we create a strategy and an implementation plan, so you know where you are going this year. Then we track your results!

Need custom software to create a successful internal process?  Fortune 500 companies are using BLKBOX to improve their process and cut out wasteful spending. Our custom software for themselves!